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Have you ever wanted to duel with legends, to draw the card from your deck so that it shines brilliantly or to become the best of the best? If so, look no further - we'll train you up to be a legend !
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Our Current goal: Get 50 members and 200 posts. When we do, all members will get 500 FP
July 2019
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 What We Do Here

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What We Do Here Empty
PostSubject: What We Do Here   What We Do Here I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2012 12:36 pm

These are some of the many things we do here.

Wager Duel
Challenge Duel
Deck shops
Inner Teams
Offer classes.
The list is very long.

Now for a Quick tutorial.
When Registering, please click register at the top of the home page. Follow the steps until the end. After that. Log in. And log into the chatbox at the top of the page. if it says you are disconnected, the log in is right next to it, the log in button
FP or Flare points i.e. your money. This can be used for pretty much anything. Deck shops. the 3 types of duels. rank up. you name it.

Deck shops:

you set up a thread, like what i am typing now, and put various decks you have. The MINIMUM price must be 250 FP, as with the new rank up formatting.

example--------------->Lightsworn-Nice build, strong-300 FP.

Then, if someone wants it, they will reply with their order.
They must have the necessary FP to buy it, if thier purchase will put them under the Demotion line, they cannot transact.

Next, the owner of the deck, will create a recipt.

Format-----> DNuser,Acad user, link to profile, amount to be transacted, and how many decks.

One of the admins will confrim the transaction and lock the forum, as to ensure no mistakes.

Then, on Dueling Network, please take an IMG of the deck. Then cut or copy the URL of the IMG and paste it in either a DN PM or a BFA PM to the person, your transaction is then complete.

An entrance exam is protocol. The link to the rubric will be provided here as well as in the chat box, which is located at the top of the home page.
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What We Do Here
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