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Have you ever wanted to duel with legends, to draw the card from your deck so that it shines brilliantly or to become the best of the best? If so, look no further - we'll train you up to be a legend !
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July 2019
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 Standard Rules & Regulations

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Standard Rules & Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Standard Rules & Regulations   Standard Rules & Regulations I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2012 9:19 am

-You need to be active in this academy. That means constantly participating Our events & Tournaments.

- Absoultely NO spamming. Spamming is when you :

a - Posting excessive messages, splitting your sentence up into a few short words in each message.

b - Posting outside links more than once.(Do not post other academy links or advertise academies)

c - posting random or irrelevant things...

- Respect EVERYONE, no swearing at another member etc...

- Do NOT argue with our testers, they may be wrong at times, they are very busy, and can lose train of thought. Just go with it, then PM an admin or Mod, with a screenshot of the problem and you will be retested. (If its an urgent misplay, you can ask one of us to come watch, and explain the situation. It will be handled) Testers who don not know their ruling will be demoted, report them instantly.

- ONLY one account per IP address, we will check frequently. And you will receive an IP ban if caught doing so without permission.

Your profile pic must not have the following:
-Sexual stuff (IP banned with no warning)
- Advertisment of a site

Signature rules:
- Same rules as on top

If you defy one of the graphic rules, you will get a warning.

Your account will be deleted if its goes with the following:
-Has NEVER been on the site and you haven't shown up in 48 Hours,
-Invalid Dueling Network ID
-If the name is from another site (Advertising a Academy etc.)
-If the name is a reference to a Sexual Site
-Your name CAN NOT have any negative words. (Meaning an admins will change it OR we will delete it)

And as you all know 2 Acc. is against our Rules. IF caught, besides an IP ban and an deletion of the second acc, your original acc. will get deleted as well.

*You can not take members away from this site. Meaning:
-You can not recruit someone to become a member at your site (ANY site) w/o an admins approval.
-Do not recruit an Admin/Staff/Member to help you out with your site etc.

If caught you will get a perm ban and a possible IP ban.
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Standard Rules & Regulations
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