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Have you ever wanted to duel with legends, to draw the card from your deck so that it shines brilliantly or to become the best of the best? If so, look no further - we'll train you up to be a legend !
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 Neku Sakuraba's Results

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Neku Sakuraba's Results Empty
PostSubject: Neku Sakuraba's Results   Neku Sakuraba's Results I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2012 11:03 pm

Wins: 7/21

Deck Type: 12/12

Deck builds: 25/30
Your firedance deck seemed quite consistent and well-made regardless of the fact that it's the first of its type that I've seen. I don't have any complaints about your evil hero/e-hero beatdown, but if truth be told, I wish that I could've seen a bit more of it so that I would have a more accurate idea. Your last deck, I believe, is clearly one of those hit or miss decks, and I believe you when you say that it can do crazy shenanigans. However, it is quite lacking in consistency, which is to be expected of such a deck. I'm not penalizing too much for that though, because I can see how much potential it has when things go well. Overall, your builds were considerably above average.

Skill: 23/27
To be frank, there wasn't as much to judge you from as I wish there was. In the second and third duels, you made use of what you had, and that was that. You didn't make any particularly poor or good plays. Many of your plays in the first duel were good, but they weren't outstandingly good. I realize that with such criteria, it's very difficult to accurately judge a person's skill over three duels, especially because I know that there wasn't that much more that you could've done in the second and third duels. Since your decisions were good overall, I gave you a fairly high score.

Attitude: 10/10
You're a cool guy. I like you. Not too cocky, but confident.

Total: 77/100
Welcome to the Quasar Shooting Dragon (Shooting Quasar Dragon?) dorm.
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Neku Sakuraba's Results
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